Who Goes to Strip Clubs? Here’s What Strippers Have to Say

Many believe that the men who visit a Brisbane strip club or other places for that matter have some serious problems or are likely to be cheating. This may be true in some cases but not always.

If you ask strippers, they categorised club patrons into six common groups.

The lonely guys

  • Insecure men who find it difficult to interact with women outside of a strip club.
  • Business travellers who prefer to pass the time surrounded by gorgeous, half-naked girls.
  • Men who just broke up with a girlfriend or got divorced and would prefer to wallow in the arms of a buxom babe and a drink in hand.
  • Men who want to have someone to talk to without working hard for it.

The married man

  • Bored at work or at home and looking for something amusing to entertain them.
  • Looking for that unfamiliar exotic sent that a temptress dressed in a loosely clad outfit can offer.
  • That married guy who wants to fulfill the erotic fantasies he’s had before he got married.
  • Someone looking for a certain type of distraction that can help release tension.
  • Looking for an escape when he feels trapped and when he doesn’t want to hear problems at work and at home.

The bachelors

  • They are in control so they tend to party more and often in a strip club.
  • They’re hooked on the love drug and can easily get their fix from a lap dance or a private show.
  • The guys who tend to get so drunk in a strip club that they won’t even remember the night’s events the next day.

The rockstar

  • With money stashed away in a trust fund, they can afford to spend more or tip generously.
  • They have some mommy issues and going to strip clubs help compensate for something missing in their lives.
  • They won some money at the casino and want to celebrate surrounded by beautiful women.
  • The guy who likes to flash their money around and make dancers think they are someone important.
  • They can be as generous as they are douchey.

The pervert

  • He’s the creepy guy who loves to grab ass without paying a dime.
  • Controlling his animal instinct is often a challenge.
  • Normally a douche and/or socially awkward.

The regular

  • He knows how the system works and either stay out of the way or wield that knowledge to his advantage.
  • He has friends who are employed in the club, allowing him easy access.
  • Mostly a divorced guy.

Among these patrons, the perverts are the most annoying, the bachelors are the second most annoying, the rockstars can be a douche, and the regulars often give strippers a break from all other club patrons.

Think you’ll recognise some of them if you visit a Brisbane strip club? If you work as a stripper, you’re likely to encounter one or two of them in a shift.