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A Gentleman’s Guide to Your First Strip Club Visit in Brisbane

Strip clubs make a good place for a weekend drink, a bucks party, or just a one-time escapade on a trip. Brisbane has quite numerous strip bars around. If you find yourself in the area, you can’t miss paying one club a visit.The Brisbane strippers boast of exotic beauties and exquisite bodies that you just have to see. For first timers like you, being nervous and anxious are feelings that can be expected.

Here is a quick walkthrough on how to act like a gentleman on your first visit to a strip club in Brisbane. Prepare for a wonderful experience by knowing what to do.

Wear the Proper Dress Code

Even strip clubs have their own dress codes. You don’t want to appear overdressed or underdressed during your visit. Dress in something that you find comfortable. The place can be packed and the last thing you want is to get your expensive suit stained or you not enjoying because of how sweaty you are. While you want to dress to impress, you still want to keep your clothes practical.

Drink Within Your Limits

Having a shot or two is expected in a strip club but you have to remember to only drink within your limits. You don’t want to get too intoxicated to the point where you can’t control your mouth or your actions. Consume alcohol at a pace and within the amount that your body can handle.

Respect the Strippers

Even though you are paying to see Brisbane strippers dancing on stage, you still need to keep your actions within acceptable boundaries. Respect the girls who are dancing and entertaining you. Do not make advances that these ladies wouldn’t like. Avoid physical contact, especially if the club rules state that it is not allowed. Stay conscious of your actions while still having fun.

Have a Good Time

Above all, enjoy your time in a strip club. Drink, party, and interact with your mates. Forget about your worries and just live in the moment. The key to having a good time is to worry less. Don’t overthink about your actions. Follow the lead of other patrons. Don’t act too obvious that it’s your first time. This is a milestone for you and you should be able to enjoy it as it is.

Visiting a strip club for the first time in Brisbane is surely exciting. Whether you’re just a tourist stopping by for one night of fun or a local looking to have a good time, these tips will guide you in making the most of your stay.

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Who Goes to Strip Clubs? Here’s What Strippers Have to Say

Many believe that the men who visit a Brisbane strip club or other places for that matter have some serious problems or are likely to be cheating. This may be true in some cases but not always.

If you ask strippers, they categorised club patrons into six common groups.

The lonely guys

  • Insecure men who find it difficult to interact with women outside of a strip club.
  • Business travellers who prefer to pass the time surrounded by gorgeous, half-naked girls.
  • Men who just broke up with a girlfriend or got divorced and would prefer to wallow in the arms of a buxom babe and a drink in hand.
  • Men who want to have someone to talk to without working hard for it.

The married man

  • Bored at work or at home and looking for something amusing to entertain them.
  • Looking for that unfamiliar exotic sent that a temptress dressed in a loosely clad outfit can offer.
  • That married guy who wants to fulfill the erotic fantasies he’s had before he got married.
  • Someone looking for a certain type of distraction that can help release tension.
  • Looking for an escape when he feels trapped and when he doesn’t want to hear problems at work and at home.

The bachelors

  • They are in control so they tend to party more and often in a strip club.
  • They’re hooked on the love drug and can easily get their fix from a lap dance or a private show.
  • The guys who tend to get so drunk in a strip club that they won’t even remember the night’s events the next day.

The rockstar

  • With money stashed away in a trust fund, they can afford to spend more or tip generously.
  • They have some mommy issues and going to strip clubs help compensate for something missing in their lives.
  • They won some money at the casino and want to celebrate surrounded by beautiful women.
  • The guy who likes to flash their money around and make dancers think they are someone important.
  • They can be as generous as they are douchey.

The pervert

  • He’s the creepy guy who loves to grab ass without paying a dime.
  • Controlling his animal instinct is often a challenge.
  • Normally a douche and/or socially awkward.

The regular

  • He knows how the system works and either stay out of the way or wield that knowledge to his advantage.
  • He has friends who are employed in the club, allowing him easy access.
  • Mostly a divorced guy.

Among these patrons, the perverts are the most annoying, the bachelors are the second most annoying, the rockstars can be a douche, and the regulars often give strippers a break from all other club patrons.

Think you’ll recognise some of them if you visit a Brisbane strip club? If you work as a stripper, you’re likely to encounter one or two of them in a shift.

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4 Ways to Treat the Best Strippers in Brisbane

Do you love a good lap dance? What about the hottest strip show? If so, then you should know that the best strippers in Brisbane can deliver you the goods. Treat them well, and you are in for a fantastic show.

However, if you act like a boss and do something stupid, then you are out. Disrespecting women in the bar is a huge turnoff. Aside from this behaviour, there are other things that you should avoid doing, such as penny-pinching and shooting photos of the ladies.

To enjoy the company of fine-looking women, take note of the following ways to treat them.


The best way for you to grab their attention is to buy them a drink. Offer at least a single glass of their choicest drink, and this would be the ultimate charmer. Just avoid flirting with a fellow customer. She might not be as interested as she appears to be. Besides, you can tell one from a genuine stripper.


Now that you have offered a drink, it is time to start a conversation. Think of the best intros and do not fumble. That is surely a huge turnoff. If you must, practice how to small talk. However, you must never ask for their personal information, such as name, address, and mobile number. That is a capital offense in the stripper’s rulebook.


If you want only the best strippers in Brisbane, then you have to follow a series of rules. Do not touch the women without their permission. And avoid taking photos of them especially whilst there are performing.

The rules may vary from one adult bar to another. The general principle remains – you must act like a true gentleman.


No matter how beautiful the women are, you can never ask them out for a date. Most of all, you must never offer them payment in exchange for any sexual favours. It is highly prohibited in the state of Queensland to solicit sex other than prescribed locations like brothels. And since strip clubs are not, then you should go somewhere else if you are looking for a sexual partner.

So, these are the 4 ways to treat the best strippers in Brisbane. It is simply by following rules set by the establishment and being a genuinely good fellow. There is no harm if you try doing these.

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Know Different Forms of Adult Entertainment in Brisbane to Spice Up Your Night

Adult entertainment Brisbane clubs offer will vary from one establishment to another. A strip club can be bikini, topless, or full nude.

However, in Fortitude Valley, you will find all of these types of clubs in one place. It is up to you to experience one or all types of club offerings in one night.

Adult Entertainment & Services

Full nude routines

This is the kind of performance where the male or female performer strips down to their birthday suit by the end of their routine. If you enjoy a good build-up of anticipation when watching dancers and performers on stage, opt for full nude clubs.

Topless routines

If full nude routines are too heavy to handle, go for topless performances where only the performer’s upper body is exposed. There’s something sexy about leaving a little to the imagination, anyway.

If this is more your fancy, you won’t be disappointed with the number of topless clubs in Brisbane.

Bikini routines

This is a less daring adult entertainment Brisbane clubs offer, with the performer’s top and the genital area still covered at the end of a performance. In a bikini club, every night is a beach side or poolside experience, sans water and sand.

What is interesting about strip clubs is that the rules can be bent based on the management and individual dancer. A dancer using pasties, for example, can alter the legal interpretation of a topless performance. Full nude performances, on the other hand, don’t necessarily mean that a business is sexually orientated.

These exceptions make trips to strip clubs entertaining in itself. You’ll never know what to expect behind the closed door with neon lights.

Other club offerings

Striptease and lap dances are two of the most popular forms of adult entertainment Brisbane clubs offer. But a club has the option to provide other services for its patrons.

  • Passive entertainment

Pay-per-view events and broadcast services via the internet are two examples of passive entertainment. Some clubs offer these to cater to a different set of clients. Revenues are often made via premium fees.

  • Champagne room

In the champagne room, you can get lap dances and enjoy the company of a bunch of girls over bottles of champagne. Instead of tips, you pay a set fee for the room for a fixed amount of time in this bit of heaven.

Customer service

Performers and dancers are not only the primary customer representatives in a strip club environment. The wait staff, bartenders, manager, and security personnel also have roles to play.

As a profit-orientated business much like restaurants and retail establishments, a strip club must provide excellent customer service to entice club patrons to spend time and money in the club.

The dancers and strippers may be the primary vehicle for a club to make money, but an establishment will be less successful without the people providing customer service.

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Ensuring You Get the Best Lap Dances Brisbane Can Offer

Are you in Brisbane to check its strip clubs? Good! The city is known for having some of the loveliest strippers in all of Australia. During your visit, make sure you receive a lap dance to complete your experience.

Here are some tips to get the best lap dances Brisbane can offer.

  • Look presentable.

Before you leave your hotel room and head to the club, make sure that you shower. Strippers love to mingle with men who are neat and clean.

When it comes to what you wear, it basically depends on your style. You can go classy by wearing a suit. If you like casual, then you can opt for either the jeans/polo shirt or slacks/button-down shirt combination.

Just avoid wearing something like you are going to the gym or the beach, as this might deny you entry to strip clubs in the city. Most of these places follow strict dress codes. Generally, they do not allow guests wearing sweatpants, tank tops, ripped jeans, athletic shorts, jerseys, and sandals.

Look presentable, and strippers will be more inclined to give you the greatest performance that you will see in your life.

  • Worry less about your sitting position.

Especially when it is your first time, you would be concerned about how you sit when getting a lap dance. Well, you should not. To get the best lap dances Brisbane can offer you, you should just relax. Do it like you usually do and wait for the stripper to tell you how far you should lean back or how low your chair should go. When she feels comfortable, then she can give you a sexy performance.

  • Be good with your hands.

While most clubs do not allow touching, strippers might personally allow you to do so during a lap dance, if she likes you. If this is the case, be gentle with your hands. And avoid touching her sensitive parts as this might cause her to stop the performance.

  • Select a stripper that you really like.

Of course, you should choose the stripper that you like the most. She should be one with the look, personality, and attitude that appeal to you. So take the time to look around, watch the dancers performing on stage, and do not be hasty with your decision. The best one for you might appear later in the night!

Basically, it is all up to you and how you act. By being a gentleman and having pure fun, you will be on your way to receiving the best lap dances Brisbane can offer you!

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The Secret Effects of Adult Entertainment on Relationships

Any relationship can simmer down after years of being together. What you are going through now is a normal bump in the road that other couples out there have experienced too. One known way to bring the spark back to this cooling plateau is by incorporating adult entertainment into your relationship. There are several proven effects that will benefit you. Make your romantic life even more romantic and exciting.

A great source of such entertainment is a strip club. How exactly can such a place fuel romance?

Bring New Inspiration in Bed

Find new inspirations to bring to bed from adult entertainment clubs. Watch girls dance and striptease and learn a thing or two that you can use during date night or to spice up bedroom play.

It also triggers your creativity, giving you more room to come up with new fun things. It eases the conversation between you and your partner regarding different sexual fantasies that you can both fulfill.

Stirring new things behind closed doors is nerve-wracking but absolutely something to look forward to.

New Source of Merriment

There is no argument that visiting strip clubs is enjoyable. In fact, couples that strip club together experience something unique from the usual restaurant dinners, outdoor picnics, etc. Adult clubs make a fresh venue for a date night. It gives you and your partner something brand new to look forward to. It’s something uncommon yet possibly enjoyable.

Just make sure you both agree to hit the clubs before you do. Otherwise, only one of you will have a fun time, which defeats the purpose of a date night.

Improve Communication

As previously mentioned, you and your partner should agree to visit a strip club do which requires a long and sincere communication. It is vital that none of you are coerced to go strip clubbing or that you only agree to keep the peace. Mutual agreement is important.

So talk it out. Go into a long and in-depth discussion if needed. Communication is key.

Strengthens Shared Bond

Visiting adult entertainment places forges the bond between you and your partner. When you hear about strip clubs or similar establishments, it’s easy to associate it with the stigma that comes with it.

By going together, you both experience the place as a couple, thus establishing a sense of trust that breaks any negative thoughts. It helps you observe how you both react to the drinking and dancing that’s happening around. It might not be as common as what you hear from others but it definitely is an activity that helps bring you and your partner together.

Keep the heat of your relationship alive and hot. Long-term relationships don’t have to be boring all the time. Learn from the tips mentioned above and experience the effects of adult entertainment first hand.

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